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Random camera freeze on linux




When in meetings, it happens that my webcam freezes randomly.


What the other meetings attendees see: my image is frozen

What I see: my image is working fine. Sometimes my local return of the webcam is lagging a bit but that happens from time and does not seem correlated.

Frequency of the issue: once per week at least (I'm doing several hours of zoom meeting per day)


What I tried:

- switching to another webcam (the one embedded in my screen): it does not change anything (my image is still frozen)

- stopping video and reenabling it: other participants see a black screen, I still see my image working fine

- leaving and rejoining the meeting: it fixes the issue


The main difficulty is that I can't see the issue for myself (I need for other participants to tell me about it).


- I've looked at system logs (dmesg) without finding anything.

- cpu usage seems fairly normal (70% of a single cpu), gpu usage is about 14-20%

- my internet connection is very decent (1Gps towards using ethernet to the ISP router, then 10Gbps)

- I've never experienced this with other videoconference software so far, but I don't use them on a regular basis.

- I'm using zoom 5.14.5 (but I've seen this issue for several months and versions)

- I'm using zoom on a laptop from time to time, on the same connection, same linux distribution and never experienced this issue.

- linux distribution is archlinux, with i3 as a window manager


Would anyone have an idea on how to further troubleshoot this issue?