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Progressive Web App Performance


I was wondering if there were known performance differences between the desktop client and the PWA for Chrome. I'm running the PWA on a MacBook Air and it seems like the desktop version used more power on my computer.


Community Champion

Well, the Chrome PWA is lacking many features compared to the full desktop client, so its likely there is a noticable difference in CPU usage. 

Thank you for a simple to-point reply.

Thanks. Assuming you're right, it seems like a worthwhile tradeoff since I don't rely on those features.


I just switched to the pwa app. 4 stars for features. 1 star for performance. I have a top-of-the-line Pixelbook Go, and the performance was so bad, I have to turn off the video to get clear two-way audio. Please Zoom - don't sunset the app until the performance issues have been addressed. If anyone has ideas for how to tweak the configuration to get better performance, I'd be most appreciative.