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Problems with audio and video



I have audio and video problems. For some reason, nobody during the meetings can see or hear me. These are some of the things I tried to solve the problem but did not help: checking during the meeting at the bottom of the screen if I am muted and the camera is on, leaving the meeting and joining again, logging out and then logging in, going into the settings for camera and audio, uninstalling and reinstalling the zoom app. I have two accounts, one is personal(***********), second is my student one(***********). For both of the audio and video is not working on all devices (mine personal and from others).

Please, could you help me with this problem?

Thank you in advance.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@M_S , on your Zoom client you should be able to setup audio and video by clicking your avatar profile and setting 






From these settings, you should be able to select which input/output to use  during meetings/calls.


You can also try to fiddle around on different options available for audio/video in there.


Hope this helps.


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What do you mean, " . . .  fiddle around on different options . . . ?"


@IP-Man  thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I tried changing and testing different options available for audio/video, and nothing worked. I logged in on several devices and tried it. I used my laptop, phone, and my friend's phone. When my friend logged in back to her account on her phone, everything worked perfectly for her. On all of the devices, the issue is the same for both of my usernames. Please, do you maybe know what could be done next?