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Problem using Canon M50 as webcam


I'm using my Canon EOS M50 as my webcam via Canon EOS Utility tool. Before it's working so fine until the new updates came in. Now it has these invisible borders around the video feed. I think it's because of the new Virtual Background app. I tried to uninstall and install Zoom, the video feed is okay until Zoom forces me to download the Virtual Background app.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @dgdelrosario23 it's been a bit since you've posted this and Zoom has released some updates and fixes since then. Have you tried updating your Zoom client? Or uninstalled and reinstalled?

Zoom Community Moderator

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I have the same issue. Yes I have multiple times updated and seems like after 5.2 versions of Zoom does not recognize the EOS utility and Zoom acts as if there is not camera connected.

I had to downgrade multiple times because I use my Canon EOS M50 with my Mac mini which does not have camera.

I have the same problem but where can I  find the old version of zoom to downgrade to?