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Polls and Quizzes


I've looked at the instructions for creating a Poll/Quiz for a meeting, however the option for the poll does not come up on my meeting.   Am I missing something?



could be a few reasons. First are you the host of the meeting that you want to have a poll? if not the Host is the one to create and manage the poll, an alternative host can also do this but it needs to be configured first on the account under settings. ill attach a screenshot of the account settings on once Polling is enabled and you are the Host then when you start the meeting along the bottom control panel you will see a polling/quizes button. 


A day prior to a meeting I had created and saved a quiz.  When I logged onto zoom the following day for the meeting, the quiz was not there.  Why are my quizzes not saving?




was this a meeting you scheduled? was it the same meeting that you joined the next day? I just entered a scheduled meeting and then I joined that meeting and created a poll, and clicked Save at the bottom of the Poll creation window. Then I left/ended the meeting. I then joined that same scheduled meeting and the poll was still there. then I left/ended that meeting. Then I started a new meeting, since it has a different meeting id than the scheduled one there is no poll attached to it. But if I go back to the scheduled meeting the Poll is still there. 

Hi Dan,

That's the problem.  I didn't realize each separate meeting could have it's own.  I thought if I logged into my account then all my quizzes would be there.  Thanks for clearing that up.  I did log into the meeting id for my career development workshop and they were there.


Appreciate you!