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Polling Questions in Meetings


In the meetings that I have hosted recently,  when I launch a polling question, the meeting attendees who try to respond to the question are receiving an error message which requires me to have to relaunch the polling question.  This happened around 5 times in a recent meeting that required the attendees to answer 16 polling questions.

Ralph Nach, CPA

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @RalphNach! Do you know what the error message says? 

Hi Bri,  No, I don't know what the error message sends because, as the host, I don't see what the attendees see. They do tell me that they are unable to successfully answer the polling question and I then relaunch it and the relaunched question works fine.

Ralph Nach, CPA

We had the same issue on our webinar today. Out of 400+ attendees, dozens reported that Zoom would not accept their poll responses. One attendee said they got an error code 1006028000.