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Outlook plugin vs Addin Cancel meeting issue


We need  a solution for using the Zoom Addin for Outlook vs using the plugin. We have stopped using the plugin across our client computers because it started requiring admin permissions to update itself, and there was no way for us to administrate the updates in a timely manner, and users were submitting too many requests for updating the plugin. (The admin privs to update the plugin is also new..)


However, the Add-in does NOT remove Zoom meetings from Zoom when a meeting is cancelled or deleted in Outlook, despite having sync settings, calendar integration, etc turned on. It is unreasonable and ridiculous to expect users to remember to click the Zoom button and hit 'Remove' just to make sure the meeting is removed from Zoom. The plugin that they were all used to did not require this.


Asking for Zoom to update the Addin integration to automatically remove Zoom meetings when they are cancelled/deleted in Outlook. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @jranvcom welcome to the community! May I ask what operating system you are currently running? 


Also, can you ensure that you've done the following troubleshooting steps as well: 

1. Update the Zoom desktop client to the latest version.

2. Update the Outlook plugin to version 5.13.5 or higher. (The add-on should stay up-to-date automatically)

3. Set up Calendar and Contacts integration. If this is already set up, re-integrate the calendar service.

4. Enable Bi-directional sync on Zoom web portal.


Zoom Community Moderator

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I personally am running Windows 11. Our clients are all running a mixture of Windows 11/Windows 10. Outlook and everything are all up to date. We are IT providers. We have enabled the calendar and the bidirectional sync, and still when a meeting is cancelled and the Add-in is active, the meeting does not cancel in Zoom. 


Jranvcom was there ever a solution to this issue?