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Oddities in Linux version of Zoom


Hi Forum Folke,


Couple of hopefully easy questions: first, is there any way for me to set which view the meeting comes up in?  It's currently defaulting to "Speaker," but I need "Gallery."  Not a big deal, it's easy enough to change, but if there's a way to set something somewhere so it does that automatically, it would be great.


Far more annoying, I find I can't move participant windows; they're stuck where they are, AND they periodically re-arrange themselves for no reason I can see.  Makes it tough to keep track of multiple screens of participants.  Is this just the way it is with the Linux version, or do I have an issue?


I'm running Linux Mint, version 21.1.  My Zoom version is currently 5.14.5 (though I'm going to update right after this.)  PC is a generic Dell Inspiron 17", about six years old.