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New Outlook for Mac - Add-in for Zoom


Good morning everyone. I recently updated from Classic Outlook for Mac to "New Outlook" for Mac. All looks great until I go to add a Zoom call to an invitation (which worked great in Classic) and am unable to do so.  Haven't been able to access "add-ins" inside of the New Outlook (again, unlike Classic) and after a while on the phone with MS, they said, "switch back to Classic."  


Curious if anyone else had the same issue.  



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Zoom Moderator

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Thom or others, any luck resolving this issue? I, too, am using "New Outlook" for Mac and would like to use the Zoom Add-in but it doesn't seem to be an option. If this is still not supported, does Zoom have a timeline for it?



Good news! A helpful Zoom support rep named Rommel explained how to access the Zoom Add-in with the "New Outlook" for Mac interface:

1. Launch MS Outlook under the New Outlook interface

2. Go to Calendar

3. Create a new event

4. Click the ... on the right side of the calendar item to access Add-Ins