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Need help on scheduled meeting and limitation


Dear all,


I'm creating a meeting service and using Zoom meetings. Here is my case:

1. User book a meeting from my website.

2. HOST confirms the meeting from my website. I call API to Zoom to create a scheduled meeting at this step.

3. HOST and the user will join the meeting at the scheduled time.


From my system, I've around 100 HOST, so  I need to create multiple scheduled meetings at the same time.

Which option can I use for my system?

- Option 1:  I use my Zoom account to create all meetings (API) for all of them, assign ROLE (Co-host or something the same) to them, and they can join to their meeting at the same time.

- Option 2:  Use the HOST account to create the meeting.

My question is:

1. Can my account or HOST account join multiple meeting at the same time.

2. If not, is their any type of account can do that?