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Multiple meetings generator


Is there any option to generate multiple meetings based on data from EXCEL? Or another automatization?

We open about 20 meetings per day for our client and I am looking for some addon/feature/tip or whatever, what could help us and make it a bit easier.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Dawe.


I’m not aware of anything generally designed to make meetings from an Excel spreadsheet, and most such things in the Zoom Marketplace rely on an interface with some existing external system, like a Salesforce, etc. 


You wouldn’t happen to have an IT department with a programming staff, would you?  The Zoom API is robust, and with a moderate amount of effort this could be done. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any companies with this expertise “for hire”. 

If these meetings are all very similar, would creating and using one or more Meeting Templates help ease the pain?

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Hello Ray, 



Thank you for your message! Unfortunately, we don't have IT department. I just started working in this company. I have some programming experience (i just finished programming college) so I am not sure if I experiences are enough for this kind of task. 


We have around 30 zoom accounts. Meetings are basically very similar. In our system (Solaria) we have all information about meetings - link, name of meeting, passcode and account (which account is set for that meeting) - information is different for each meeting. In an excel spreadsheet, we track all accounts by day and mark if they are already set for some meetings. We have also a few accounts in the admin role. Meetings are prepared one week in advance when they are set, our employees have access to these meetings, they open that day when it happening and coordinate all meetings. 

We looking for something that could generate our meetings to make them more automatic. Basically is just copy-paste information from our system to zoom and preparing those meetings.


Thx for you're response. D.