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Multiple USB microphones


Hi. I am using a Blue Yeti USB mic as my main speaker mic. However, I need to have another USB mic to give to a live audience for questions because the Yeti doesn't pickup the sound from 3m away. Does a Zoom meeting support two USB mics? If Yes how does it work? And does it matter which brand the mic is. I am thinking of getting the Behringer Ultralink ULM300USB. 


Any help would be appreciated. 



We run a hybrid meeting with zoom callers and in person guests.  We use the Alvoxcon UM-420 set of two wireless microphones that we purchased on Amazon.  There is a receiver that plugs into the USB port on the laptop and allows both microphones to be "live" at once or they can be turned on and off when the user is speaking.  In addition, you can plug in an external speaker to the receiver via a 1/4" plug that will project the sound from the microphones to the room.  The voices of the on line zoom users is projected through the TV that shows them to the room.  The microphones are wireless and rechargable.  We have not had any issues with interference or coverage in the room.


We are looking for a four microphone system that will work as effectively.  


I have the same question. I have a USB lavalier mic (Samson PXD1) for instructor, and wish to set up my Bluetooth polycom-style mic (Anker PowerConf A3301) on a desk amongst students to pick up their questions, and I'd like our zoomers to hear both at the same time. I figure I need an audio mixer, but I can't find a mixer that will take USB and Bluetooth as inputs.