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[Move to] button in breakout rooms not working


When I'm managing breakout rooms, I have both allow participants to choose room and allow them to return to the main session selected. However, when I need to move a participant to a different room nothing happens when I click the [Move to] button. I get no options and am unable to move the participant. This was working for me until the last update. What do I do because I need to be able to move participants!



This sounds familiar. Could it be that participants need to confirm on their own device? Unless they click 'ok' or so, they'll stay in their own room.

I'm not sure if that's your problem, but that's what we sometimes notice. You could test it with a second device.

The way we fix it is moving them to another breakout room and then back to the one you want. They'll get a new confirmation pop-up. There should also be an option where participants don't need to confirm it and they'll be moved instantly.