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Move recurring meeting to different account


We have recurring meetings created under one person's account with all members as co-hosts. Every few months, the members in these meetings change and eventually the original person will rotate off as well. When this happens, we have to delete the meeting and create a new one, which isn't a terrible solution but it's a bit inelegant. Is there a way to re-assign a meeting to another person? Or have it "assigned" to all participants so that any of the co-hosts can make changes to it, not just the person who created it (or an admin)?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@KyleB For sure, you can actually self service this via the scheduling privilege feature. 
Reference: Scheduling-privilege 


First, either as the admin or have the user go into their "Settings" tab. If you are the admin, you can do this from the User Management -> Users tab and then click on the users email currently assigned the meeting. 

From their settings, assign scheduling privilege to the new needed host. If you have several users that need to hand off meetings, you can go into each user and assign scheduling privileges for everyone needed. 

Once Scheduling privilege is assigned, they can go into their "Meetings" tab, click "Edit" on the needed meeting, and then at the top they will see a "Schedule For" option. Click on that dropdown and select the needed user. 

As an added bonus, everyone who has scheduling privileges for a user will also be able to view their meetings and be alternative host for all of their meetings. 

If scheduling privileges are not needed long term, just assign the needed scheduler, change the meeting (make sure to add the old user as alt host if they'll still need it) and then the scheduling privilege can be removed. 

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