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Microphone disabled in Android


Hello. I am using Zoom on a Samsung Galaxy A53 which has Android 13.


I enter a Zoom meeting. Obviously the microphone cannot work in more than one app at the same time, but even after I close the meeting and close Zoom, my cellphone microphone does not work in another app like Voice Recorder or Shazam. To get my mic working again, I have to either reboot the phone or make a call and mute and unmute the mic, which is pretty ridiculous. Is there a fix for this?





If your audio device does not appear within Zoom, it's possible that Zoom has not been given permissions to access it. Ensure that you have enabled access to your microphone for Zoom. To change the microphone or speaker during a meeting, on the controls toolbar, click the upward arrow beside the Mute option.




The problem is not with the Zoom app recognizing my mic in a Zoom call. The Zoom call itself worked fine.


The problem is with all other apps recognizing the mic after I am done the Zoom meeting.

I leave the Zoom meeting, but I may forget to close the Zoom app. I open another app, like Shazam or Audio Recorder, that needs the mic, and they do not work. So I go back and close the Zoom app, but my mic will still not work in other apps. Ex. The audio recorder records silence even when I am talking and Shazam will not identify a song. So far, the only way I can fix this is to reboot my phone or make a regular phone call and mute and unmute the mic. Basically Zoom is glitching my phone´s mic, and I need a better fix.