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Meetings automatically deleted


We use HubSpot CRM to let people schedule a demo with HubSpot. We use the Zoom integration to dynamically create the link for the meeting. However, as soon as the event is scheduled, our Zoom users are getting an email that says the meeting has been successfully deleted. Why is this happening?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

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I realize it has been a bit since you posted and you have not yet received a response from the community, so I wanted to check-in! 

As it stands, Zoom has limited access to Zoom for HubSpot as it was built by HubSpot developers. However, I would suggest visiting this link for more details: and their help center.


We hope to see you around in the Community! 

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Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Has anyone ever figured this out? I have the exact same issue. In hubspot, you make the connection with zoom. So it becomes possible to book a zoom meeting directly in hubspot.  The video meeting is confirmed via mail (zoom). But then, one or two minutes later you get a message (from zoom) that the meeting has been successfully deleted.  For some reason, it seems, zoom does not accept the meeting and then auto-deletes it? Or is something else going on? 

I've been looking all over for this. One thing I have not figured out is, if there is a place where in zoom where I could enter the hubspot api. It could be that?