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Mass delete recordings from other users


So here's my situation.  When I look at my own recordings, I can see how many files are included in each one. 1 file is the video, 1 file is the audio, 1 file is the transcript (bc we have the auto transcript function turned on) and 1 file is the chat (if applicable).  I can see that right on the list of all files.


If there are only 2 files, no transcript or chat, it was just an empty file, probably where someone logged in alone and nobody else came for that meeting. No need to keep that recording and take up space against our storage limit.  So I can easily see the ones that only have 2 recordings and mass delete them. We are currently over our limit and I'm looking for ways to easily delete the files that we don't need.


I have admin functions for our company so I can see all recordings from all users. But when I look at their list of recordings, it doesn't show me how many files there are in each recording.  If I click on each individual recording, I can see the files. But is there a way I can see the number of files in the recordings right on the recordings list, and then mass delete them for other users like I'm able to do for myself?  It's going to take SOOOO much time to click thru each individual files.  And I don't want to ask everyone to do like I did and go thru to delete their recordings that only have 2 files, bc they are all swamped w/ other work.  


Any suggestions?  TIA!



Just answered my own question, for anyone who happens across this post and might want to know... the way to see the number of files in each recording is to Export the files and look at file size