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Managing multiple zoom accounts that are not part of the same organization


Hello.  I manage multiple accounts for several clients who are not part of one organization.  They all record zoom videos directly onto their own computers.  They have all provided me with credentials to login to their accounts and my computer has been verified by them using two factor authorization.  I log in to their accounts on a daily basis to download their videos which are then uploaded to a third party site where they are hosted for paying customers.


Every time I need to get in to one of their accounts I have to log out of another account.  Entering and re entering these login ids and passwords is time consuming given how frequently I need to do this.  Is there a way for me to easily manage this so that it is easier to switch between these acounts.  They are NOT all part of the same organaztion but are the private professional accounts of different faculty members.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @zoomuser0071 ,


While the process you are using is repetitive and cumbersome, it is basically what you will need to do unless you employ another methodology.


I would suggest that you may want to find a file sync methodology using Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox etc.



Using something like Google Drive, you can create a new account (ex. videouploader at gmail dot com ). Have all the users you are working with install the Google Drive application and sign into it with the new account and select the local folder where Zoom stores the recordings to be synchronized.


Finding and viewing local recordings


This way anytime someone creates a new recording, it will automatically be sent to Google Drive for you to retrieve. This is not perfect but you get the idea.


Hope this helps.