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Low network bandwidth even though internet speed is high


The wifi router I'm using provides up to 150 mbps. Even when the speed is 140+, the zoom keeps saying low network bandwidth. Been facing this multiple times a day.  Can anyone guide on what to do. thanks!



I face the same problem almost in every zoom lesson sometimes I just automatically get out of the lesson.


This is happening to me as well, anyone find an answer?


I Found the Solution after so long:

There are two pieces of equipment on the telephone lines which Xfinity uses to connect into the home.  It’s on top of the telephone pole.  Technical personnel access it via a “Cherry picker” on top of their vehicle.  One is an amplifier.  What is the other device is called a Splitter or “Pedestan box.”  Once Xfinity replaced these devices (mine were at least 30 years old,) but did get a good signal…then the problem was fixed!  Yes, it was a problem that even the technician could not determine with the “signal strength equipment,” when testing the line.  The old equipment simply needed replacing.

I had struggled for 8 months with "low internet" connection, esp in Zoom. I've found others had the same problem. Even though I got a good "signal" into the home, there was this ongoing intermittent problem. When the Technician replaced both the amplifier and the splitter, low and behold, everything works GREAT now. I want to share this information on the Zoom chat/blog so others could be helped. It's frustrating because everyone points the finger to someone else for the problem, i.e. "It's a problem with Zoom," or its your router, and after spending HOURS with Tech support and no resolve, it was great to finally find the problem and get it fixed!