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Logitech camera not working


I just updated Zoom Meetings to the latest version and all of the sudden my Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam stopped working with Zoom meetings. The camera works fine in all other applications that I have tested (Teams, WhatsApp, Logitech settings, Windows Camera). Zoom recognizes that the camera is plugged in, since it is an option under video settings, and the microphone on the camera is working fine in Zoom Meetings. But when I try to enable video in a meeting, it just shows a black screen (or a frozen image if I switch from my built-in camera to the C922). I am fully up-to-date on Windows 10, the latest Zoom version, the camera drivers, and all my graphics drivers. I have tried turning off and on all the settings I can find in Zoom video settings, and restarted my computer multiple times, and nothing has worked.