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Latest update causes overheating using virtual background.


I have had no problems with a virtual background before, but since the last update I have had my Surface Pro lock up three times.  I have checked and all the latest drivers are installed.  I have checked with an infrared temp gun and the instant I turn on virtual backgrounds it starts to heat up to the point that it totally freezes up. Is anyone else having this problem?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @tvincentmoore, virtual backgrounds do consume more CPU usage. Would suggest just having Zoom open and checking your Statistics for CPU to see the %. You can do this by starting a test meeting and checking that Statistics tab in the Zoom settings. If it's high, suggest checking task manager (Press the Windows key and Power button at the same time. 2. A screen will appear and you can Lock, Sign Out, Switch User or use the Task Manager.) as well to see if you have any background applications consuming high CPU usage and ending the tasks. You can also try updating to 5.9.3 if you haven't already and any Surface Pro OS updates. 


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