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Join zoom meeting using Passcode with letters through polycom group 500 system h.323


Hi, Good Day, @links to members, content..

my name is Gabrie and I have a Polycom group 500 and I conect to the zoom meeting using the IP Address and when connect I enter the Meeting ID and passcode numbers and its connectes perfect wthout any problems... my problem is when some body sendme de passcode but with letters and I dont know how to put the letters in my polycom gropu 500 remote control... of course I clic the numeber with the letter but when I finish I clic # to send it but zoom system send that the passcode ir incorrect., Can some one help me please and if you speak spanish much good jeje because my english  is not good.. 



Gabriel Gamez




Community Champion



If your meeting includes phone and/or room systems participants, the invite will include a numeric number for alphanumeric passcodes for them to dial in with. This can be found in the dial in settings for the meeting invite:

-Have the host of the meeting go to Zoom.us and click on the title of the meeting.

-Click on the Copy Invitation next to the meeting invite link:

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 11.14.20 AM.png

You will see dial in options there to join via H.323 and there will be a numeric passcode there.


It will say "

Join by SIP
...(details for joining)

Join by H.323

...(details for joining)

Passscode: (numeric)


Let me know if this answers your question by marking this answer as a solution!




Thankyou, and yes.. I can see the numeric passcode or password and normally de passcode that the clients sent me was in numbers or numeric but days ago, I received an invitation with everything to connect but the problem was that the passcode or password that had letters and other incitation had letters with numbers and in my polycom system after I called to the IP Addres and put the Meeting ID.. the passcode or password was in alphanumeric or only letters and I dont know how to put that in my remote control of my polycom system group 500...




The host will need to provide you with the numeric passcode, you won't be able to use the alpha numeric password.




Thankyou for you responds.. but if the host can not change because the host is a external company, is and invitation, of course I can enter from web or from my laptop and i typed the alphanumeric passcode but in my pilycom system group 500 I can not do that,,, Regards