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Issues with Low Video Quality and Poor Audio on My Widescreen Monitor


Hey Zoom Community,


I'm encountering some frustrating issues with my widescreen monitor during Zoom sessions. Specifically, I'm experiencing low video quality and poor audio, which is impacting the overall meeting experience. I'm hoping to gather some insights or troubleshooting tips from the community to resolve these issues.


Here's a bit more detail about what I'm facing:


Low Video Quality: The video quality on my widescreen monitor seems subpar during Zoom calls. Faces appear pixelated, and there's a lack of clarity and sharpness, which isn't typical for this monitor.


Poor Audio: Additionally, the audio quality seems to be suffering. Voices often crackle, and there's a persistent audio lag, making it difficult to follow conversations smoothly.


I've checked my internet connection and made sure my device drivers are up to date, but these issues persist exclusively during Zoom calls on my widescreen monitor.


If anyone has encountered similar problems or has expertise in troubleshooting video and audio issues specifically on widescreen monitors while using Zoom, I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions. Are there any specific settings within Zoom or on the monitor itself that could be adjusted to improve video and audio quality?


Your insights could be incredibly helpful in resolving these frustrating issues and improving the overall Zoom experience on my widescreen monitor. Thanks in advance for your help!



Hi! Have you find the solution for your issue? I have same issue and really need to fix it. Thanks in advance for your help!