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International calls


Is anyone else having issues with ZOOM connecting international calls?

I scheduled a call for this morning, one party in the U.S., the other in the U.K. Both parties were able to dial-in to ZOOM using the phone numbers, meeting ID and passcode provided by ZOOM. However, ZOOM never connected them to each other.

This is the third time this has happened. The two prior incidents were reported to ZOOM, ZOOM did nothing to find the cause of the problem, talking in circles to make it appear they didn't understand the problem (which could not be clearer), never actually addressing the problem.

When I tried contacting technical support after this morning's incident, not only was ZOOM's automated system unable to find the meeting ID, they couldn't find our account. I then called the sales department (the only way to reach a live person). Sales was able to find the account with no problem, but refused to put me through to technical support.