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Importing Personal Contacts via csv file




I'm the owner/admin of a pro Zoom account I have created for a group of which I am a member.  I am working on a Macbook Pro.  I'm attempting to import my personal contacts into the account via csv file.  It is NOT working,  I am saving it in Excel as suggested and then saving as a csv file but when I attempt to download I get a message saying "cannot download this file".  What is going on?  I've been at this for three hours now and frustrated.  What is the deal?  Why can't we just add contacts like on any other website.  This is ridiculous.  I am following instructions and they're not working.  Support is nil on this site.  I keep getting sent to articles that do not address my issues.  Can someone please help?  Thank you.


P.S. I have no idea which board to post this on so I just picked one.  Hopefully, it's the right one.



The exact same thing is happening to me!

I am new to Hosting and had the same problem and same message "cannot download this file". Tried half a dozen times. Couldn't find a solution in "Community" Tried the 888 help number said my Meeting and Host key was invalid. Total Pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SAME! So annoying! Here's what I finally did...


After signing-in on the webpage go to MY ACCOUNT. Under PERSONAL select 'Personal Contacts.'

Click the 'Add Contact' button to enter information for at least one of the contacts on your list and Save.

Click on 'Export to CSV file' to download.

Open this new downloaded file in Excel. There should be 1 row with headings, and row 2 should have that one contact's information.

(My downloaded file was named 'personal-contacts.csv' but I'll refer to it now as the NEW FILE.)


From your ORIGINAL file/list, Copy your data

In the NEW FILE you've downloaded, right click in the corresponding empty cell to select 'Paste Special' and from that menu select 'Values'

(You don't want to copy any formatting from your original file!)


*Pay attention to the Column headings so your data matches. For example, don't accidentally copy Mobile numbers and paste them under Company. Also, don't delete or add any Columns!*


When you're done, Save the downloaded NEW FILE. Do not "Save As!!"

Return to the 'Personal Contacts' page in your account

Click on 'Replace with new CSV file'

When prompted, select the updated NEW FILE and complete the upload.


FYI: This did not work when I opened the downloaded file in Numbers. It only worked in Excel and I made extra sure that I didn't change any formatting in the downloaded NEW FILE


Hopefully, I've explained this in a way that makes sense? Best of luck!