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I need help.


I just missed out on an important Zoom connection.

Here is what happened as I described it to the host:

Before I opened your Zoom link. I had tested my Zoom connectivity with others who sent me an invitation and on the bottom left side of the screen (as usual)  has always been a mute/unmute button as well as a video icon.  I have used Zoom successfully for a number of years. When I opened  the link you sent me, your operator appeared up on my screen, but the microphone button in the bottom left was an up arrow to "Join Audio". When I clicked on that I was  back to the screen that popped up to "test Microphone & Speaker".  I had already done that before the call started, and did so again after it popped back up. I could not find or decipher any way to un -mute. 


After I was logged off by your operator, I again tested with another Zoom user and everything worked fine immediately when I linked with his invitation. The usual mute/unmute button on the bottom left.  Everything worked well immediately
Please let me know if you are using some special Zoom program. Also please allow me  to reschedule.
Dean Gambrell

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Dag6161 

I suspect that is an accidental glitch.
You may be able to reconnect and get a normal connection.

I had a similar problem when using a Bluetooth headset.
The moment I joined a Zoom or Teams meeting, the Bluetooth connection was lost. When I reconnected, it connected normally.
After some time passed, this trouble stopped occurring.