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How to require participants to enter name when joining via phone call?


As an admin, how to require participants to enter name when joining a meeting via phone call?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @sj2844 don't believe this is possible. When you join a Zoom meeting using a telephone, Zoom cannot verify your identity using your phone number. Instead, you have to enter a participant code to join the meeting. There is no way for users to enter their name using the phone keys, but this makes joining faster and simpler. 


In addition, the call is being placed to a bridge that is connecting the call into the meeting that uses VoIP connections, so the carrier data or caller ID is not handled traditionally like you would see for a direct call from one carrier to another carrier.


However, the host of the meeting can change the names of the participants at any time by selecting "Participant," then "More," and then "Rename."

Zoom Community Moderator

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