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How to bypass a sign in message


A few people I have scheduled a meeting with can't access the meeting as they don't have an account. How do I get past this? 

One person was trying to sign on through the computer and got the error message they needed to sign in which they don't have an account. 

Another person was trying through their phone and got the error message sign in to join. It needed authentication on the commercial Zoom platform to join. That person had an account and was able to sign in. 

Is there a way to change my setting so you don't need an account to connect with me on zoom if I send the link to you? 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @SayJay the host of the meeting you're attempting to join will need to disable "require authentication to join" when scheduling a Zoom Meeting. More information within the Knowledge Base article on Requiring authentication to join a meeting/webinar


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