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How does Single Sign On work?


Does Single Sign On mean that it is not necessary to sign in to a Zoom account each time to begin hosting a meeting?



We have three paid Pro accounts used across 24 staff. Zoom meetings are scheduled in Google Calendar via the Firefox or Chrome browser scheduler. It's up to each staff member which Zoom account they use to schedule (and its availability of course).


Issue: Staff are complaining about how long it takes to sign in to the correct Zoom account in order to begin hosting the meeting.


Will SSO with 10 licenses (to be used across 24 staff - most likely 1 licence per work area) fix this problem? I'm imagining  that with SSO, staff will sign in once a day and then not need to sign in again, no matter which license was used to schedule the Zoom meeting? Is that how it works? (I've scoured Zoom's online help, which has sadly not been helpful).


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Thanks for joining the Zoom Community! SSO is designed to help organizations streamline password management across multiple products used by your team, think passwords for Salesforce, O365, G Workspace, and many more all stored within the SSO provider. Based on your scenario, enabling SSO can help but may also pose a security risk if SSO is used for more than just Zoom. Good Luck!


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Hi Don

Thanks for responding.


Just to clarify, enabling SSO and using it only for our Zoom accounts will not necessarily mean that staff will only sign in once per day? And that we would need an SSO provider for this? We don't have any IT support (in-house or external).