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Help needed -my zoom (desktop) won't update


Have been using zoom on my laptop for a long time ... usually Zoom updates run automatically or I get a notice asking me if I want to update.


Starting  Monday, 2/6, when I tried to login I received this message:  'Your app version needs to be 5.10.3 or higher.  Please contact your IT team to update your app'.


I tried to update by going through 'my account' tab but there is no option there for updates.


I've never had an "IT Team" or other ... just a personal user.


I tried to update to current version starting in zoom's download center and it showed that the download ran but the program would not update ...  when I opened zoom it still gave me the message.


Appreciate assistance ... we use Zoom to attend my mom's therapy (dementia) sessions and classes!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello There,


Please try uninstalling and reinstalling your Zoom App. Instructions here:


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