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Having Major Troubles with Connection


I am having major intermittent issues with Zoom and 'Instant Watch' Module.

I have set up a new watch 'Approved Registrations' module. But this is not triggering. I have set this up many times before without a problem. But I have been fighting this for a while. Deleting the webhooks, deleting the connection. But nothing is triggering the module. Stopping the module from running also not working, and force stopping also not working.

To add to this. I have added registrants to the event via and the event link. And I can also view the approved registrations via the Zoom 'List Registrations' module.

Another thing to add is that I have another account with a previous 'Watch' module that works flawlessly. If I add a new watch module to a new scenario, the new module does not trigger, but the previous module does.

I feel like the webhooks are not getting created in Zoom. Or the URL validation is not working? 

Has anyone else had this issue?