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Google Calendar integration issue




I've been using Zoom and Google calendar (personal) for ages with no problem. When I set an event in my calendar, I click on the zoom link and it integrates into Zoom.


Today I have set up a new google calendar and have gone into Zoom to set up the calendar integration. When I go through the steps to authorise it it says "Add failed, the calendar based access permissions are not allowed"


Any ideas??




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @jamestrotman, can you double-check that you did not allow or give access to Zoom to access your Google account which is why you could be getting the error message.


Please be informed that these options are needed to be checked to proceed with the integration of your calendar.

Rest assured that Zoom does not keep the private information of any contact information from your Google account, this is only for scheduling and integration purposes.


Hope this helps! 


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