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Feature request: Individual volume control




it would be very useful if Zoom had local volume sliders for individual participants, a feature I find to be very useful in Discord. Oftentimes there is one person who is very loud and another who is quiet, and they do not always have the technological proficiency to figure out their own volume controls. It would be a HUGE quality-of-life improvement to have this kind of control on my or anyone else’s end to be able to lower or raise each person’s volume as needed, rather than waste everyone’s time asking each person to fiddle with their settings, often clumsily, and with everyone else having their own preferences and local volume settings. 

Yes, it is good etiquette to have a working knowledge of how to best use microphones and other video conference equipment, but not everyone has the time or technological savvy to get good at this sort of thing. 

I truly hope this is a feature your wonderful devs are working on and close to implementing, because I can’t be the only one who would benefit from it and it would bring Zoom’s functionality up to a level on par with other video conferencing software. 

Thank you for listening!



I too have a WIDE gap between people that know what they're doing and those that do not among people I call. I have to choose between being able to hear some people and being deafened as the people that know what they are doing cannot increase their volume any further to match those that are way too loud