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Error 100 can't sign in to Windows Zoom client


Has anyone seen this before and fixed it?


Who's got successful experience to share?


Error 100 can't sign in to Windows Zoom client


How do we troubleshoot this?


We've got 2 Windows 7-64-bit computers, one works with Zoom, the other doesn't, we tried r&r remove & reinstall 32-bit and 64-bit Zoom client, several malware scans ( all negative ), deleting the


[ C:\Users\...user...\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\data ]


directory, thorough resetting of Windows to OOB out of the box defaults, reset networking, running a cable directly to the same router where the working computer is connected, no luck ( other remoting software works - Teamviewer and the like ) - how can we troubleshoot and fix Zoom so it works?


( Note: we now CAN log in through Chrome browser, but Firefox browser shows [ Network error ], for what it's worth, Opera browser required arduous searching for cookie permission settings - but that's browsers, NOT the Windows Zoom client software ).


We tried these:


and ran:


and tried:


Does anyone have an troubleshooting tools, tips and tricks, resetting schemes to track down what Zoom expects, and find where it's stuck, and fix it?






Same issue here. No luck.


This is kind of a work around if you are able.  I have also seen this posted elsewhere.  I have a desktop with a wireless motherboard option.  I pulled the ethernet cable and it works wirelessly.  Odd and not a fix as I would rather have my ethernet connected. I have cleared my cache and various other steps.  I stopped trying three+ months ago but I was revisiting and saw this post.