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Enabling language interpretation


I have been trying to figure out how to enable language interpretation on my account for about an hour and a half I've been watching videos that give instructions and have followed the instructions only to find that the language interpretation is not an option in my account... then trying to figure out what account I need to upgrade to, and can't seem to figure it out and have come to the conclusion that it should be an option on my account... I saw something about contacting support if you don't see this option on your account, contact support to enable it, so I contacted them going around in circles on phone calls to support only to be told that my account doesn't allow calls (I have a pro account)... anyone have any idea what to do?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

To gain access to the Language Interpretation feature, you need to have a Pro account with a Webinar add-on. Once you have that sort of account, then you can contact Zoom Support to have this enabled for your meetings and webinars. 


If you have this type of account, please send me a private message and I may be able to help 


Going through all the Zoom plans language interpretation is not mentioned anywhere as a feature of one of the plans. That's crazy in this interconnected world. It would be really useful if the availability and cost of that option could be prominently posted and easy to find. I'm in the same position as the original poster in this thread and it's very frustrating.