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Elusive software update


Hi - any help welcome. Impossible to find out how to talk to Zoom & get value for my subscription.

I run online fitness classes. Get message that I need to update software & should talk to my IT admin (ha ha ha - me I suppose - but I certainly don't know).

Have tried to download the software again - many times - but can't.

All I can do is join the browser - which reverses the camera view (not good for PE demo) and won't allow me to screen share both computer audio (for music) and microphone (for voice). Not very clever.

My class participants all seem to have just had to click something to update their software to join my class - but as a paying customer of zoom - I'm not overly impressed by the way I'm being marginalised.

Any suggestions very welcome - or do folk find that MS Teams is a better & cheaper product for taking classes & sharing sound?