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Display name won't change back


Help! My step daughter used my computer for a zoom and changed the display name to her name. It will not change back in meetings to my name, even though it is my name in my profile. 


I have tried deleting cookies and/or browser history on both Chrome and Safari.


It is fine on my iPad zoom, but will not go back on my MacBook. 


Any ideas? 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @chickymara! Did you attempt to change your display name using the Zoom web portal?


I have the same problem as chickymara and have hacked quite a bit but the problem persists. Moderator Bri's solution is a question with no nuance at all.
My problem is this: I changed my Displlay Name in the desktop Zoom app (Win 10) for just one meeting where I did not want to expose my real name/display name.  However, ever since then, I jus cannot change it back to what it was and should be. While I am able to change the Display Name in the Profile (web log in), that change does nOT reflect in my desktop app.  Actually, let me correct. I was indeed able to do it ONCE: by uninstalling the app and downloading again (and updated version). I took in the Display name I want (original) but the next time I logged back in, it reverted to the temp one I had used. I just cannot change it! By the way, the Display Name in my mobile Zoom app has the correct name as I want it. But I use my mobile app rarely and that's not my concern here anyway.
FYI, I clean up my cache, etc.  thoroughly every day using Ccleaner and so I doubt there are any "holdovers". I cleaned up my Zoom folders AFTER I uninstalled the app.  Why does this have to be so complicated. Why do we even have to go to the Web version (login, etc) to make changes to the Display name in the app?! It's a like maze and am wondering if it's just indifference or incompetence....


Any solution on this?  I have the same problem.


Same problem. I would love a solution to this issue. 


Sorry, no solution . . . Just to say that I have had exactly the same problem for a while. A friend borrowed my laptop (MacBook), used it for Zoom meetings, and ever since then her name comes up as the display name, despite my Profile settings, which give the correct display name. Very annoying. Zoom, please help.