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Disable Password Requirement?


I am a single user account and the owner of that account.


I have waiting rooms enabled.


But for some reason the password requirement is still checked "YES" and there is an unclickable locked icon next to that toggle.


I do not want a password requirement, please stop forcing me to have one.




Wondering if this is a new requirement as I'm having the same issue. I just had to switch my old Pro account to a new Pro account due to some fraud. My old Pro account allowed me to use just my personal meeting id if I had waiting room enabled. I wonder if the rules changed with new accounts because now I have the same problem as you.


I thought if you enabled the waiting room you did not have to have a password with your personal meeting id. Is this true?

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @KAC believe they're required according to the KB article on the May 2020: Passcode and security settings 


Zoom will require passcodes for meetings and webinars, including previously scheduled events. In addition to passcodes, we are also making the below changes:

  • Waiting Room will be enabled by default for the Personal Meeting ID for all account types.
  • Screen sharing will be limited to 'Host only' by default for Basic accounts.
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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@datadietz and @KAC,


Your "new account" might have the Passcode Requirement enabled at the Account level.  Look in this menu... Admin -> Account Management -> Account Settings, look for Meeting Passcode and PMI Passcode fields:


It's actually OK if these are enabled (blue switch with white dot to the right), but if it's LOCKED ON, then users can't change the setting.  UNlock the settings, and go back to your user account and you should be able to turn off that requirement.


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Thanks! We had the same issue and this solved our problem 😀

Hi, I have this issue, and I'm the owner role, but the locked icons are grayed out as well. So even though I have the waiting room enabled, I can't disable the password.

I didn't use to need a password, and something changed (by zoom) about 2 weeks ago and it is causing issues with previously scheduled meetings.  (Also, for my use cases I prefer no password and instead to use the waiting room to admit participants)

Any help greatly appreciated!!

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @oldtimehacker.  The "locked icons" are likely on your Settings here:

This is the settings page for you as an individual user.


Please also look at the settings page for your Account.  If you're like a lot of folks, there's probably only you on the account, but just in case there are other people ever, the Account Settings page affects your user settings.  See Account Settings here:


For the Meeting Passcode and PMI Passcode items (and optionally the others, which likely won't apply for you), make sure the LOCK icon is Unlocked.  With that done, you can change the DEFAULT setting with the switch.  Sounds to me like you want it turned off.

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Thanks @Ray_Harwood I appreciate your help.

But my settings page looks like this -



and it says "Locked by Admin". I think this is because these are the user-level settings, controlled by an admin policy. I believe the place to modify this policy is in Admin->Account Management->Account Settings, but even here, the lock icons are a lighter blue shade and cannot be changed (even though I have owner privileges) 



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Sorry, @oldtimehacker, it probably means you have a Basic (free) account, and Passcodes are required (not optional) for Basic accounts.



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Thanks. The linked articles themselves don't directly say that the basic accounts CAN'T disable the passcode; they just talk about it being a default since Jan '24.

This is a reasonable default option, but IMHO bad CX when it can't be disabled... contrary to Zoom's product-led-growth goals which I'd think would want to make it easy for a new participant to discover zoom.

Feels like a bug, not a feature. @RN FYI, just some user feedback here.

Thanks for your help @Ray_Harwood