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Data Pass -To Zoom


Dear Comunity 

I am representing 6Connex a Virtual event platform. 

We have a Zoom client who has a requirement to authenticate users from our platform and pass them directly into a zoom meeting or webinar. 

We used last week an old application for this use case - however, we found out that Zoom has added a security feature on this application that blocks users from entering a meeting/webinar more than 3 times. 

Is there another application / api which we can use for this which either brings better features or does not have that block? The block is not useable as - the client has loads of meetings scheduled each day of the conference - so using persistent meeting/webinar rooms. 

I hope someone could help. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Rasmus6Connex, I am unsure as to the experience of being blocked after 3 attempts from Allowing only authenticated users in meetings KB article if enabled.


Is everyone joining up-to-date, meeting the requirements if domain-specific, or are the participants authenticated to join -- must have Zoom account credentials created from 



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