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Could not connect with customer, while getting erronious messages


Yesterday I had a scheduled Zoom with a customer.
I received a message that the customer had joined the session, but I could not see the customer in zoom and the number of participants was 1 (me)
The customer could not get into the session and got the message that I was still in a previous session of which there was none. (Not for about a week..)

We decided to use whatsapp as a mean to videomeet, and had a good talk, however this felt completely unprofessional.
Can anybody explains what this is, what to do, how to prevent etc...?
regards, Bram



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello BramF!


Firstly, our apologies that this thread has gone without reply until now.  Thanks for choosing Zoom, lets see what we can recommend...


Here are some questions we would need to answer to dig in and help:

1) What kind of Zoom account to you have? (Basic, Pro, Business/EDU/Enterprise, other)

2) How was the meeting scheduled? (Zoom portal directly, Outlook, Google calendar, other)

3) Did you check with your customer that your Zoom meeting ID and theirs matched?


Assuming the Zoom meeting ID for you and your customer was not somehow created as two separate events, for two separate meetings, my best guess is the meeting may have been "split" within the Zoom side: while this has been very rare, we have seen occasions in past years when this has happened, and typically these issues happened for a brief time and were resolved by our Support teams. We. would not expect this to happen in any ongoing way, so if the issue has not recurred, there may be no further action to take. Any known issues are reported to which might be a resource you can check if ever curious about our service status.


If your meeting ID and the customer's both match and both of you were able to join, but were not in a meeting together, we could validate if it did get split by reporting it as a ticket to Zoom support for further investigation.  


Info they would need in support (NOTE: Please do not post this info here in public)

1) Date and time of the meeting

2) Zoom meeting ID

3) Impacted user(s)

4) Please validate that your meeting ID and the customer's were the same 

5) Please validate the issue was you both joined the same meeting ID at the same time but were not connected to each other via Audio/Video or any participant list visibility.


You can engage our support team with these details in the following ways: 


Once again, apologies fo the delay in response.  Thank you for Zooming!

If this answers your question please feel free to mark as a solution if applicable.

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