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Control Bar Icons


Is there any way to choose which icons are displayed in the  meeting control bar?  Several "new and improved" icons have been added to it, such as "AI,"  and while that might be great for someone who wants to use this feature, on MY control bar anyway the "Chat" icon has been crowded out completely and now I have to dive for it in the "more" ellipsis ( ... ).  I'd really like to relegate the icons I never use to the ellipsis and bring back out the ones I use all the time, such as Chat.  Is there any way to do this, or is Zoom going the way of Microsoft and jamming their shiny new ideas in our faces, like it or not?  AND not giving us a way to re-arrange things?  I have no problem with an evolving user space; what I take issue with is being forcibly swept along and having no option to keep what I like and actually use, and shove the never-used items out of sight.




I just searched for the answer to the same question. I don't need "summary", "AI companion", "polls/quizzes", "support" or "notes" in my meeting control bar. I would love to re-arrange the icons to move my most used to the most convenient spot. I'm hoping we get some help with this! 

Right!!!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee