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Claimed host but not able to create breakout rooms


I have a private room that I'm sharing  with my team. They all use the same meeting URL every day and the same host key from my account. I used to be a team member in another team that had the same type of setup, only this time around I'm the owner of the account and it's my private room URL, not another persons private room. When I was a user of that in prior years everyone in the team was able to create breakout rooms after claiming host, however my team mates are not able to create breakout rooms after claiming host. I have looked trough all the settings in my profile page and inside Zoom PMI settings but there's nothing there to explain this. We are all using desktop application and there's a mix between iOS and W10. Just like it used to be in my prior team.  So it's the same setup with different outcome. What's up with that? 


When someone other than me claims host, are they defined as "Co host"? I see this title occurs alot in the Zoom support texts, but WHAT is a co-host? Is that the person that claims host but do NOT own the account?