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Chat is missing comments for Hosts/Cohosts


I am hosting a Zoom session with 3 co-hosts and each of the co-hosts and I are seeing different Chat history.  Randomly, in each of our Chat histories, there will be one or two comments missing.  All comments have been sent to "Everyone."  


This same problem has happened in two different Zoom sessions today.

For example, Bill sends a comment to "Everyone."  Joe will see the comment but Susan and Karen don't see the comment.


Anyone else experiencing this or noticing a pattern?



Based on Chat communication from right now, the time stamps are wrong for one of the co-host's chat history.


Do you know how to correct time stamps in the chat? Mine are showing up as 30 minutes earlier than current time so they're way up higher in the chat and no one can see them. This has happened 2/13 and 2/20.

You can't correct them within Zoom.  This is one of the errors I noticed happening in our session also.  It happened in our 2/9 session but then not again after that.  This seems to be an intermittent error.  I'll continue to seek a place to report this.


Hi SLR22,


Two thoughts if either of these apply:

1) Is everyone utilizing a desktop computer? As phones, Chromebooks, may have limited functions

2) Is everyone present in the Zoom room at that time? If for example 2 persons are in a breakout room--they will not be able to see the chat info when they return--even though addressed to everyone. I discovered I can't pre-enter video links in the chat until everyone in class is present for the same reason-- the latecomers cannot see the link.

Hope this helps:)

Hello Z_T,

Appreciate your suggestions:) 

Just to give you some context, I'm in Zoom sessions about 15 hours each week as a producer and the conditions in the sessions today were the same as other sessions that I've been in with no problems.  One co-host had 2 laptops (both co-hosts) and was not getting the same chat messages between the two.  I had a desktop (host) and laptop (co-host) and not getting the same messages between the two.


Regarding your points in item #2.  Yes, we are very familiar with these circumstances.  Not the case with this issue.

It's perplexing! I do hope someone will know how to help you resolve:)



Maybe I should be reporting this as a Zoom error/glitch?  Where would I do that?


I was a co-host in a meeting 2/13 and tonight 2/20 and my time stamps on my comments are 30 minutes behind. Did you figure out how to fix this or how to contact someone at Zoom? People aren't seeing my comments or direct messages because they show up way higher in the chat due to showing 30 minutes behind.

I have read other posts concerning another issue with the Main Room chat disappearing when people go into breakout rooms.  So when chat is opened in a breakout room, all chat messages previously sent in the main room are gone.  This is a glitch that Zoom is aware of.  I've seen that other users have reverted to older versions of Zoom to rectify this.  My guess is that Zoom is working on both of these glitches.