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Changing Default Meeting Duration when Scheduling Meetings


At present, when in the Windows Zoom program and on the Schedule Meeting screen, the default is that the meeting DURATION is set to [1 hour] [0 minute] (sic).  See attached. 


Is there any way to change this from [1 hour] [0 minute] to [0 hours] [30 minutes]?  


I know that I can change the setting for a meeting, but having to do so for every meeting that I schedule is an inconvenience that surely can be made avoidable with an option to set/change defaults.

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Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Unfortunately, there is no way I am aware of to change that default duration. 

I'm new to Zoom. am wondering if I have to pay for a Meeting that is 1 Hour long , since it is saying I only have 40 min . Can I just leave the Meeting at 40 Mins? Or will I get cut off at 40 Min...

If I have PRO plan and my meetings are cut at 40min as the free version dones any one know what can I do?

And Zoom has just made this worse, with the latest update for the Mac desktop app. Earlier, one could double click on a time and change it. For example, if default ending time was, say 11:30, one could double click on the '30' and change it to 15 or 45 or whatever. Now double clicking doesn't work -- with each click the drop down menu with various time options comes down. Super irritating. One has to now carefully click at one end of the time, hit delete multiple times and enter the full time required. Perhaps, there's something I'm missing or not enable? I hope.


Same issue, would love if this default could be changed, it is a small consistent annoyance for scheduling a lot of 30 minute meetings.


Yes, Zoom - please let us change the default meeting length! Our meetings are 45 minutes (last 15 min to organize notes and prepare for the next meeting if there is one). It's a pain in the keester to have to manually change this. Every. Single. Time.


If I have PRO plan and my meetings are cut at 40min as the free version, does any one know what can I do?


Echoing what others have said - this would be an enormously useful feature!


Is there a way to set the default text when zoom generates the email invitation?  That would also be a huge time saver for me. 


1000% agree!   Most of my meetings are 30 minutes and yes, can change them as I set up, but gosh, it would be so much more convenient and efficient to be able to set my default time to 30 minutes (not 1 hour).  PLEASE ZOOM can you bring this in as an option.   


I couldn't figure it out.  I would really like this as well!


How can I change default meeting length to 60 minutes? versus current setting of 30 minutes?



In my Windows browser access to Zoom, the default meeting length is one hour or sixty minutes. I seldom do anything through this interface, instead using the app (ver 5.12.9 (10650)). Before the "upgrade" to this version, the default length when scheduling a meeting was also one hour or sixty minutes, which worked well for our purposes where meetings are often close to an hour. With the update, this has now changed to 30 minutes as a default and the lengths. This seems to help some of you who were asking, but I now would like a way to get back to hour defaults as the half hours will have to be changed every time. Would it not be good if each person could set the default to be what works for them and this to be consistent across platforms. By the way, 5.13.0 is still the same.


Like clsnyc above, I predominantly use the app interface. The update changed the default meeting length to 30 minutes. My meetings are consistently 1 hour in length. How can I return the default to a 1-hour duration?


Same! Please allow us to set our own defaults. 


Why has this issue with default 30 minute meetings not been addressed?! It is making my 45 minute meetings impossible to schedule in my Mac interface. Not just alloying - hugely problematic as my appointments begin on the quarter hour. 


Our meetings are all 1 hour and can start on the 1/4 hour.

Recently the dropdown allowed 15 minute increments when scheduling, but today it is back to 30 minutes. That along with 30 min default meeting time, and only US format dates, is really screwing with my productivity when scheduling meetings.

We are now currently looking at other options for video conferencing.

I don't know what is happening at Zoom, but it is not good.


Also pleading for this setting to be user define default. The one hour worked for me, now there are the extra clicks. Negative affective valence experience meaning grumpy user, will now look at going back to the video conferencing elsewhere if I have to have inconvenience I might as well have it in a single app-- hello TEAMS ugh.


apparently this is not possible. typical. 100's of user settings i'd never use, and the one that would be so helpful -- like this -- not on offer.

PLEASE enable user defined global default for meeting times. PLEASE


i want to change zoom meetings for 20 min


+1 here


Hi, I would also like to have this feature so I can change my default meeting to 45 minutes. It's wild this isn't a possibility.