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Change the host before the meeting


I cannot make the meeting I want to make my daughter the host.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You can make her the host after the meeting starts. You will need to join also. After you both join, hover over her profile, click More, and click make host.  Zoom has a feature called alternative host. To make someone an alternative host, here are the requirements:

  • Zoom desktop client for Windows, macOS, or Linux
  • Zoom mobile app for Android or iOS
  • Both users need to be Licensed and on the same account
  • For a webinar, the user who schedules the meeting needs both a license and the webinar add-on; the alternative host only needs to be Licensed
  • Alternative hosts must be signed in to Zoom with the correct account in order to be granted the host or co-host permissions

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Is there no longer an option to be co-host or they changed the name to make it sound fancier? It was simpler before. Why this change? Before, you could make anyone you trust a co-host; they did not have to be signed in or licensed on the same account. They just had to join the meeting. Seems zoom is making this harder to do? Is it just me, or do things seem to get needlessly complicated?