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Can't send messages in chat.


Yesterday I joined a meeting (android) and typed a message in chat answering one. And it was sent. Then I returned to the meeting closing chat box. After opening the chat box again, I couldn't find my message I had send. But others and hosts messages were visible and others was keep asking for my reply. And I sent it again. My messages are not visible in chat after I close chat box. 😞


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @adhyaps67, super interesting that you experienced this! 


On iOS, I was able to test this and see my messages even after closing the in-meeting chat window. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom? Your Zoom client will be updated to the most recent version of Zoom.


Let me know if this helps after testing! 🙂

Zoom Community Moderator

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I have the very same problem. I can no longer send text, raise a hand, or submit my poll answer choice with Zoom on my Mac. I did uninstall and re-install Zoom but the problem still prevails. I realize that all the above functions operate normally when I use Zoom on my phone. 


i had a similar problem, i wrote a msg on the chat and for some reason it didn't let me press send