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Can't get into my own meetings without going through the browser...and even then it's strange....


So. The last two updates have messed up so much, changed settings etc. This last one tho, if I click on a meeting in my scheduled calendar (google) it tells me to wait for the host. DUDE I AM THE HOST.  When I went to sign in even my photo was different? Like, where did my photo of my dog go? It's just....gone? Now it shows my Logo ,which is not terrible, but still what is happening??

It also keeps freezing up on my end and I'm having to leave the meeting and start all over again, and yes it tells me the host is ALREADY in the meeting and needs to let me in. Again. DUDE, I AM THE HOST.

Yes, I'm venting now. I don't have the bandwidth in my own brain to figure this stuff out and I'm still ticked that videos STILL suck to play in meetings and nothing seems to have ever been done to improve that. 

On that note. I live in a major urban city with no internet issues.  I've rebooted. I've deleted and reloaded the app (Surface Pro 7). I still don't wtf is happening. Sigh. I'm old. I'm tired and my brain is broken. Someone help??



It sounds to me like there's 2 accounts involved, and Zoom defaults you to the wrong one. Have you ensured you're logged in to the same account on as in the app? The changing profile photo is most of why I say this.

My personal google account doubles as a Zoom account, but not my paid work one. Having the two accounts logged, even in different places, makes things confusing. 


I've been having the same problem since the January updates. I only have one paid account, so I don't think that's my issue. It isn't happening with every meeting, and I wondering if it's related to recurring meetings that I've set up to allow people to join before the host.


Did you ever figure this out?  I'm having the exact same problem over the past week- I think as a result of an update.  Thanks.