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Camera not working on zoom


When I press the camera icon (Video) when I start hosting a meeting. a dialogue box states: 
"No cameras detected. Plug in device and retry.... 


"Zoom is unable to detect a camera. Make sure that your camera is powered on and is connected to your computer."


I use the camera in the computer so there is no need to plug a camera in. 
Recently I haven't been able to access the camera at all, but intermittently, for no reason, the camera DOES work!  Nothing's been changed! 
One of Zoom's suggestions is to check that the camera is not being used by any apps.  How can I check this out?   

I teach students in China using Voov - can't access the camera in those calls either.  SO FRUSTRATING!!  


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @BarbaraSutton, make sure you’re on the latest update of Zoom -- here is how you can update your client


Your webcam's screen may appear black or not recognizable in the app you're using if the app doesn't have permission to access the cam, also Update your Drivers if updates are available, located in the device manager > cameras.


Make sure that your meeting our supported devices here:


If all else fails if on windows, clean.exe Zoom here (Windows Only), reinstall, and restart your Operating System.



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