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Call out from meeting


Can someone tell me please how to phone someone during a meeting to bring them into the meeting?

We have the Pro version of zoom, and one of our weekly participants who is 84 yrs old, has lost the ability to not only join by computer, but also cannot follow the prompts to phone in himself.

Our meetings are a lifeline for him as he is a recent widower and he has been heartbroken to not be able to join 

We want to start the meeting and then phone him so that when he answers the phone he will be in the meeting.

Is this possible?  We will upgrade or add any service needed to make this possible for him.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



The Host account licence will need to be Pro or above.

The host will need to purchase an add on called an Audio Plan.

The host will need to permission from the account admin to use Call out to invite others by phone.


More details here 


Plans and add ons page 




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