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Being asked for an authentication code but I never set up two factor authentication


On another Zoom account, when I try to log in Zoom asks me to enter a code from my authentication app or a recovery code, but I never set up two factor authentication for that account. How can I log in?



I'm having the exact same problem with one of our training webinar accounts. The code is being sent to an email inbox that I don't have access to.  Our help desk checked the settings in Zoom admin and see that 2-factor auth is turned off, but still I'm being prompted for a code. WHY? So far, they haven't been able to figure out what's going on or how to fix this.


Having the same problem. 


The setting "Sign in with Two-Factor Authentication" remains ON even though I've toggled it OFF in Settings.  Settings continues to say it's off, but I'm asked to use a verification code each time I sign in.


Same here - it's highly frustrating
Zoom please sort this out


Us too - looks like this is a widespread problem


I too cannot have 2FA.  I am the sole tech support for the organization and I am not always near my phone.  we have two zoom accounts and the office admin is responsible for scheduling meetings.  She only works part time.  ZOOM  please fix this.  It is untenable.



Has anyone heard a fix for this? We have a lot of zoom emails, multiple daily zoom calls, and my team can't watch them every day.


I've been having the same issue


You need to disable the Personal Room passcode as his instructions below

This has fixed the issue for me 




JulianH said....

"My issue was initially due to an integration with a new CRM. I worked with the support team at Zoom and they were able to resolve it. It took some troubleshooting, but everything has been working perfectly for the past 3 months. I have the communication threads saved. I believe this is what ultimately fixed the issue: 


Can you please go to this link and disable Personal Meeting ID (PMI) Passcode. Also, disable the same feature on this link  
Once done, you may lock the setting under your account settings - and then logout and log back in to your zoom app, calendar integrations and 17hats as well.

Is this the same as the OTP authentication? That's what I'm getting ask for a 6 digit code?

I just checked, and none of our webinar accounts have the Personal Meeting ID (PMI) Passcode toggle enabled. That can't be the problem for us.


This is a serious problem, Zoom. Our training facilitators have actually missed webinars they were supposed to conduct for our customers because they couldn't get in to their Zoom accounts. This makes us look very bad as a company in the eyes of our customers. So many people are asking you, Zoom staff, to fix this issue, and yet we hear only crickets. Do you not care? Maybe you'll start caring when it affects your bottom line and we all flee elsewhere.


This isn't 2FA. At least, not strictly speaking.


This is the feature where if Zoom detects a "new" login for an account on a work-type-email, it will do a one-time 2FA-like code to the email on file for the account. At my workplace, those "diet 2FA" emails are getting blocked by our firewall. Yay! Features!


Our VOIP provider has a similar system, but their "diet 2FA" emails get through. It's only once per account per device, but if you can't interact with the email, it might as well be cryptolocker.


I have been able to use existing credentials to sign in on the desktop app without completing the "diet 2FA". My desktop app updated to 5.10.4, and it's still working for very basic stuff in the interim. (Schedule meetings, attend meetings)


Unfortunately, a lot of what I do, as IT, is schedule meetings for others (including extend recurring meetings that have ended) and fetch and forward attendance reports. The app does not do much for past events, except provide access to the recording URLs,  nor does it generate .ICS files.


We have the same problem. We asked our representative 2 weeks ago. We have no follow up.


Same issue. This just started happening in the past month. It's a big problem. Zoom can you please fix this?! 

Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

To resolve this, please contact Zoom Technical Support or raise a ticket with them and request for disablement of 2FA.


This is an unresolved problem that clearly has a long history. All of a sudden, today, me and another user of our company account were rendered disable by 2FA requests from Zoom even though we have 2FA turned off. It asked for a code sent to our emails and BY THE TIME WE RECEIVED THE 2FAS IN OUR EMAIL THE 10 MINUTES HAD GONE BY AND THE CODES WERE NO LONGER VALID. In effect, Zoom has locked us out of our accounts. I got live support and the support person presented it as a "feature" to protect us. Well, neither of us logged in from anywhere else. The Zoom live tech suppor blamed the 10 minute problem on the third party email system, our receiving email system that is, which happens to be GMail!  And the support person said there was nothing he could do for us. WE REMAIN IN EFFECT LOCKED OUT OF OUR ACCOUNTS BY ZOOM for no good reason. Frankly, this is an utter disaster. We depend on Zoom very much because we are a non-profit membership service, and we cannot start meetings, add meetings, change meetings, etc. So, what is Zoom's next idea, try another support person?!  FIX THIS ZOOM, it is a huge problem for your customers.